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Hot selling high-temperature 
exquisite white porcelain dinnerware 
and glazed baking tray
The main production of ceramic dinner set, bakeware, soup pots and tea cup set. 
We have our own factory and professional team that can customize your needs and deliver on time.
1. Customizable the logo 
2. Customizable the color 
3. Customizable pattern 
4. Customizable the shape and size 
5. Customizable packaging
Support ODM & OEM Customization

JIESHENG Hot Selling Product

European High-grade Crown Gold Ceramic Soup Pot with Bowl Set
This ceramic soup pot set adopts a European palace style design, using electroplating gold plating on the edges. The whole set is light, luxurious, fashionable and elegant. The complete set is equipped with six double-eared bowls and an iron shelf. This soup pot can maintain the flavor and nutrition of food during the cooking process, and can also prevent food from being overcooked. It is beautiful, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. It is suitable for entertaining guests at home, restaurants, banquets and other places.
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Non-stick Ceramic Rectangular Baking Tray
Ceramic baking tray looks beautiful, can keep food moist, suitable for baking baked rice, baked noodles and other food. Because it is made of high temperature clay, the ceramic baking pan is relatively high temperature resistant, non-toxic and safe.
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Nordic Style Blue And Pink Glazed Stoneware Tableware Set
This Nordic style tableware set is made of carefully selected high-quality wear-resistant ceramic fabrics, which highlights health and safety. The sky blue and pink design colors are more charming and generous, giving people a different visual experience and presenting a different The same color aesthetic. The simple design of the device does not contain any distracting thoughts, and the overall shape becomes more elegant and elegant. The thickened ceramic is strong and practical, and both appearance and practicality coexist.
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Hotel Restaurant Use White Ceramic Rectangular Plate
Pure white ceramic rectangular plate is a simple style of Chinese and Western dishes, suitable for restaurants, hotels and family use, but also suitable for a variety of occasions.
Ceramic material is not only environmentally friendly and harmless, has a good high temperature resistance, and the glaze is delicate and smooth, easy to clean, is the preferred material for most people
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Luxury Porcelain Tea Coffee Cup And Saucer Set
This tea cup set is made of ceramic material, which is safe and healthy and harmless to human body. The overall glaze is bright, providing black, white, pink, green a variety of color options, with light luxury gold design, hard and fine texture. The handle adopts the humanized design, the anti-scalding effect is remarkable, and it is suitable for various scenes such as hotel parties, activities and families.
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Restaurant Use Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set
This ceramic ramen bowl is a healthy underglaze color material, high temperature firing color is well integrated, no lead, mercury, cadmium and other harmful substances, the use of a long time the upper glaze will not fall color, it is easy to clean no taste, even if put into the microwave oven or oven use, 1000℃ high temperature will not burst, more healthy and safe.
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Custom Glazed Ceramic Baking Tray with Lid
This ceramic bakeware set with lid is made of high quality China clay and fired at high temperature. It is safe to use. The baking tray is designed with a two-ear handle, which is convenient to reach and beautiful. Internal fluted edges allow the lid to fit more closely to the body. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes in two sizes to meet your different needs.
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White Square Ceramic Dinner Plate
This classic pure white square plate adopts high temperature underglaze color technology. The plate has thick porcelain, smooth glaze and easy to clean. It is suitable for western and Chinese food
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Experienced Ceramics Tableware Manufacturer

Chaozhou Jiesheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. The company is located in Chaozhou, known as the Ceramic Capital of China. It has more than 2,000 square meters of modern office space and is famous for its more than ten years of experience in the production of ceramic tableware.
We have strong technical force and high production capacity and can do OEM and ODM.
Total floorspace
Annual export US $2,000,000
Years of experience
100% on-time delivery rate

Paying Attention To Every Service Detail

As a manufacturer of ceramic tableware for more than 10 years, jiesheng Ceramics has been committed to the concept of service first as the core, providing existing customized services. You can put forward any customized ideas, including product logo, size, pattern, shape, color process, etc., we can meet the customized needs of consumers.

Provide concept design drawing

According to your idea, please provide the following product concept drawing, our professional team will confirm the design specifications with you and provide the corresponding quantity quotation.

Confirm the final design

We will produce the corresponding sample according to the design concept drawing. After receiving the sample, the customer will carefully check and confirm the final design scheme.

Mass production and delivery

After getting the final design, we carry out mass production according to the quantity, and deliver on time under strict quality control inspection.


10 Years of Experience
More than 10 years of professional ceramic products manufacturers.
ODM&OEM Service
We offer existing customization services and you can come up with ideas for any customization requirements.
Factory Price
As a ceramic factory manufacturer, we offer the most affordable wholesale prices.
Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 certified factory, All produced items are inspected by our quality control department before shipped out.

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Our Certificates

Our products have passed SGS testing and obtained a large number of qualification certificates.

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