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Ceramic Tableware Purchase Skills

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Ceramics have long been widely used in tableware. Tableware made of ceramics is easy to clean, resistant to acid and alkali, and can withstand high temperatures. Due to its strong practicality, beautiful shape and beautiful decoration, it is deeply loved by consumers. So how to identify it? What about the quality of ceramic tableware?

1. When selecting ceramic tableware, you can gently touch the outer edge of the tableware. If the outer edge is smooth and flat, it means that the quality of the ceramic tableware is good and the production process is better. If it is rough, the quality is poor.

2. If you choose tableware with gold decoration or ceramic tableware with silver decoration, wipe the gold and silver decorated parts with your hands. If no fading is found, it means that the ceramic tableware is of good quality.

3. We can also tap the tableware a few times with our hands, and use a little more force when tapping. If the sound of the ceramic tableware is crisp and clear, the quality is good. If the sound is dull or hoarse, the quality is poor.

4. Be sure to choose tableware with smooth color. Ceramics are fired at high temperatures when making. Generally speaking, the glaze of ceramic tableware must be fired at a temperature of at least 800 degrees, so the gloss of the glaze must be , to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of its technology.

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