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What Are The Glaze Colors of Ceramic Tableware?

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Glaze is a thin, colored or colorless layer covering the surface of ceramics. Different glazes have different colors. Among them, ceramic tableware glaze colors are divided into three types, namely overglaze color, mid-glaze color, and underglaze color.

(1) Overglaze color

Overglaze color refers to using some color materials to paint decorative patterns on the fired porcelain or white glaze, firing it for the second time in a low-temperature kiln at 700 degrees to 900 degrees, and adding low-temperature curing color materials. The glaze color of overglaze color is very bright and has strong artistic value.

(2) Glaze color

The pigment flux of glaze color does not contain lead or contains very little lead. It is applied on the glaze of the object according to the method of overglaze color. It is placed at a high temperature of 1100~1260 degrees and burned for half an hour to allow the pigment to penetrate into the glaze. After cooling, the glaze is applied. Closed surface decoration method. The glaze color has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, moisturizing and pleasing to the eye, delicate and crystal clear.

(3) Underglaze color

Currently, the tableware made with underglaze paint on the market uses color materials directly on the body, and then covers it with a layer of transparent glaze. After entering the kiln, it is fired together with the porcelain at high temperatures (about 1200-1400 degrees). variety. The advantage of underglaze color is that it is lead-free, non-toxic, never fades, smooth and does not suffer from wear and tear.

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