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Korean Restaurant Style Stoneware Stew Bowl with Lid Set

This Korean ceramic stew bowl adopts a healthy underglaze color process, paired with a brown Korean style theme, with an overall simple and elegant appearance. The bowl body adopts a double ear handle design, which is not hot when held, and the porcelain is thick and delicate. The product is fired at high temperature, with good thermal stability, and can be heated in a microwave or oven. It is suitable for daily stewing of one serving health soup, nourishing and nourishing the skin.
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  • CS189


Product description

      Crafted with high-quality ceramic material, this set of ceramic stew pots is designed to withstand high temperatures and ensure excellent heat stability. Experience the art of cooking with our ceramic stew pots, as they offer a unique way to prepare your favorite dishes. By using these ceramic pots, you can not only preserve the original flavors of your food but also retain the essential nutrients present in your meals.

    Whether you're simmering a hearty soup, slow-cooking a tender stew, or preparing a flavorsome curry, our ceramic stew pots are the perfect choice. Their superior heat retention properties allow for even and consistent cooking, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection every time.

    With their elegant and traditional Korean-style design, our ceramic stew pots are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to your dining table. 

Product Characteristics

1. High temperature fired high-quality porcelain clay with strong thermal stability, suitable for steamers, microwaves, and ovens

2. Double ear handle design, easy to hold and not hot to the hand

3. Bottom anti slip polishing for a more secure placement

4. Designed with a lid to ensure that nutrients are not lost, allowing for the authentic taste of food and maximizing nutrition

stew bowl setstew bowl set sizestew bowl set

product sheet

product name Korean Style Stoneware Stew Bowl
color brown
material ceramic
capacity 210ml
grade According to your request
origin Chaozhou, Guangdong, China


Product Category

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Pursue the trust and love of major customers around the world with thoughtful service




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