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Definition And Classification of Ceramic Dinnerware

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Ceramic tableware refers to pottery as the main raw material, through forming, drying, firing and other processes made of tableware. It is a common tableware material and is widely used in homes and business places.

The firing and application of ceramic dinnerware has a long history in China. Its diverse shapes, colorful colors, cool and smooth feel, easy to wash, and deeply loved by the public. It can be classified according to the type, variety, and decorative style of the porcelain.

1. Classification by porcelain type

At present, the main products circulating in the market include daily porcelain, exquisite daily porcelain, underglaze (medium) color daily porcelain, daily refined pottery, ordinary ceramic cookware, and fine ceramic cookware. Daily ceramics are classified into multiple grades based on the number or magnitude of appearance defects, such as superior products, first-class products, and qualified products.

2. Classification by variety

Daily ceramics are widely used in daily life, including ceramic tableware for eating, ceramic water cups for drinking, specialized tea sets for tea art, ceramic ornaments and ceramic vases for appreciation, all of which are very popular among consumers.

3. Classified by flower surface decoration method

According to the pattern characteristics, it can be divided into Overglaze decoration color, underglaze color, colored glazed porcelain and some white porcelain without color.

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